In love with music, my connection with musicians, places, food, travel, shapes, light and colors ... come together in one place, my lens. I am dedicated to the photography of African American music such as Blues, Gospel, Soul, R&B, Country among other genres. I can take photos in a bar, in a theater or at a mega festival. Also, I do portrait photography, photography for social networks of the musicians, the places I visit and the meals. At work, since 2011 I have dedicated myself to photography as a passion and profession, which allows me to enjoy my work a lot.
Since 2015 my photos can be seen in magazines of the Blues genre such as Living Blues or BluesBlast as well as in Spanish and Belgian magazines. At the South American level, I do covers in Brazil and especially to musicians from Argentina, a current pair of residence.
From time to time, I give a workshop for live photography.
Digital publishing has become another of my passions and I have tried to take advantage of these days at home to learn a little more ... since knowledge is infinite, here we go.

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My Story

I was born in 1977 in Mar de Ajo, Argentina.
In my home, music and reading were part of my daily growth. I didn't have a television until the 1986 World Cup, so I would go from my neighbors to watch cartoons while the music fascinated me as much as the images. When I could, I bought a book to read or pencils to draw and recreate my shape, what I saw. I studied guitar and dances that left me a great musical ear inside me. My best friend was the granddaughter of the largest single owner of Mar de Ajo photography. There I spent a large part of my childhood and perhaps it was a beginning in photography. When I was 9 or 10 years old, I discovered my parents' camera (an old Kodak) but they wouldn't let me use it. I only had mine for 16 years, to shoot and built-in flash, which accompanied me for many years. When I was 11 years old, I traveled to Buenos Aires where it was my home for many years and I changed my life. I finished school and a degree in Tourism. I began to specialize in oil painting and woodcut at the Manuel Belgrano School of Fine Arts. In those years I exhibited my work, receiving awards and nominations in different cities and even in Spain, but life again led me to risk the unknown and I moved to Los Hornillos, Traslasiera, Province of Córdoba. We started with a partner in a tourism project and we had a cultural center where there was a library, I taught arts and crafts, sometimes the music center was filled with murga and blues shows. My camera was always recording what was happening.

In 2008, I moved to Cordoba city, where I graduated as a teacher in tourism, I taught at a school at night and I also graduated in Business.
Since 2009, I began to professionalize myself as a photographer, I studied at the "El Germinador" school, with the photographers Mariano Grebnicoff and Paulina Frontera, and La Metro Photography School.
2011, was my first coverage in Buenos Aires, then I traveled to Europe, and from there, my love and passion for African-American music photography grew. In 2014 I started going to festivals in Brazil and in 2016 I arrived at the great international Blues festival in Chicago, the Bentonia Blues Festival. I also traveled the paths of Blues in the USA with my camera.

In 2015, the Lensculture portal told me that one of my photos had been selected to win a contest that I had participated in but at the end of the year it was the photo chosen by people outside the categories, which was already a prize for me. That photo came out very simple and it was a portrait of John Primer before going out to play in 2013 on his first visit to Córdoba. I always find something for my images to communicate something to others because that's what I do. Since 2016, I represent blues magazines like Living Blues and Blues Blast. Also, some of my photos have been in magazines in Spain and Belgium. In addition, I photograph Gospel choirs and South American musicians who make African American music. Also, I take photos of the places I visit, the meals and everything that has to do with African-American music. I consider myself a blues photographer, and what can I say that blues is for me, I say it through my lens. Lorena Jastreb.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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