Lorena Jastreb.
I was born in 1977 in Mar de Ajo , Argentina.

Raised in a home where music and reading were part of my daily growth . I had no TV until the 1986 World Cup , but before going to my neighbors to watch cartoons while music fascinated me as much as the images. When I could , I bought a book to read or pencils to draw and recreate my form , what he saw. I studied guitar and dances which left a great musical ear inside. I preferred to read before practice .My best friend was the granddaughter of homeowners largest of Mar de Ajo photography. There I spent much of my childhood and perhaps was a start in photography. At 9 or 10 years I discovered the camera from my parents, ( an old Kodak) but they would not let me use it. Just had mine for 16 years , to roll and built-in flash , which accompanied me for many years.When I was 11 years I traveled to Buenos Aires where was my home for many years and changed my life . I finished school and career of Tourism. I began to specialize in oil painting and woodcut engraving at the School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano. In those years I exhibited my work , receiving awards and nominations in different cities and even in Spain , but life again took me to risk the unknown and moved to Los Hornillos , Traslasiera , Province of Cordoba. We started with a tourism project partner and we had a cultural center where there was a library, I was teaching arts and crafts, sometimes the music center filled with shows murga and blues. He never missed my camera to record everything that happened. I could expose my paintings and sell them.  

The years passed and in 2008, we decided to move to the city of Cordoba. Reaching the city of Cordoba me opened more doors or rather, I could open them. I graduated faculty in tourism while at the same time, he taught in a secondary school at night. I faced finish the race of Business Administration and even today work in a company here in Cordoba.

Since 2009 I could prepare myself more in photography and professionalize my team. This was slow, I studied in school "The Germinador" and the great photographer Mariano Grebnicoff and Paulina Frontera. Things were giving and I was able to travel to blues shows in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and shows cover to travel to Europe in 2012. From there, my love and passion for photography and blues grew traveling to festivals in Brazil and reaching a few days ago to fulfill my greatest dream; International cover the Chicago Blues Festival 2016, Bentonia Blues Festival 2016 and tour the Mississippi with my camera.

The blues comes to me from the hand of other artists, one Chuck Berry (my first cassette they gave me by chance at age 12) and Elvis Presley (for a book of Rock and Roll I liked and I bought a 13 years). With them it came the Gospel and blues to my life.Them came the Rolling Stones where I met and learned a lot more blues, by the influences on them. I always said I was born in the wrong era as the music of the decades of 30,40 and 50 are my favorites, beyond music, social and historical context of those years captivated me. I always liked the recitals and wanted to be there, where they spent the stories: forward taking pictures or back to know what was going on. Photography makes me love her things combine my passion for blues music and record what happens.

I consider myself a photographer for the blues and by the time independently, because in this general is not easy to receive financial support but I have met many people who helped me and helps me transcend my materials. That makes me grow every day and feel proud of what I do.In 2015, the portal Lensculture, told me that one of my photos had not been selected to win a contest that had participated but at the end of the year was the photo of choice by people outside the categories, which already it was a prize for me. That photo came out very simple and it was a portrait of John Primer before leaving to play in 2013 on his first visit to Cordoba.

I always find something so that my pictures communicate something to others because that I do; tell what is for me the blues, gospel and R & B through my lens.

In 2016 the magazines Living Blues and Blues Blast accepted me as a collaborator. From here, every charge makes more sense for my work and my love for the blues.


Con John Primer
Buddy Guy
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